How long will I have access to HST video lessons, group chat, and daily videos?
Membership to HST School is lifetime. There are no hidden fees or charges after you sign up for your lifetime membership. There are additional add-on courses, products and subscriptions you can purchase separately, but these are not required.
What type of equipment do I need in order to take full advantage of HST School?
It is recommended that you have a computer with internet connection. You can also access the video lessons and group chat on a smartphone.
How much money do I need to get started?
We recommend you have at least $100 to fund your account with and get started trading. Please do not expect to make an enormous return on this $100, as the main purpose of this initial investment is to provide yourself with funds to test strategies, build confidence and gain experience with the markets.
Is this only for U.S. traders?
Our video lessons and daily briefings cover strategies which are intended to be used primarily in the U.S. stock and options market. However, we have over 1,000 students from outside the U.S. who use brokers that support stocks and options in the U.S. markets. Setting up brokers is something we go over in one of the first course videos.
What sort of expectations should I have going in?
HST is focused on giving you all of the knowledge and skills needed for success in the market, but you should expect to dedicate a considerable amount of time to learning and gaining experience. We are dedicated to educating you and providing you with world-class resources.
What is your refund policy?
HST gives students immediate, permanent and unrestricted access to video lessons, group chat and daily videos. For this reason, there are no refunds.
Trading any financial asset is inherently risky and should be treated as such. Always do your own research and analysis before purchasing or selling any financial asset. Income is in no way guaranteed and you may lose money by trading stocks and options. The purpose of our platform is to educate students on various types of trading strategies, not to trade for students, provide signals, or in any way tell people specifically what assets to buy or sell.

The views and opinions expressed in the HighStrike Trading School group chat by students, instructors, or others are purely for discussion purposes only. No decision to trade any financial asset should be made without doing individual research, and any decision to trade a financial asset is completely the responsibility of the student.

Neither HighStrike Inc. nor its instructors are licensed financial advisors.
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