Below are just a few results of some of our exceptional students - we focus on long teaching traders long term sustainability strategies instead of trying to make the most money in a short time. Successful trading takes hard work, dedication, proper education and time. Student results shown on this page are not typical, or to be considered 'average' performance.


Jan 15 - 22, 2021


Sam has been trading for over a year now, and joined HST after he was down about $7,000. After learning and working incredibly hard to refine his personal trading style, Sam has finally passed the $25,000 mark.
"I joined HST and started the grind back up...I love trading and can't wait to scale even higher"

Other Great HST Success Stories

Joe O'Connor
Joe began trading in 2019. After learning from the HST course and following the daily videos, he was able to scale his starting $12,000 portfolio to over $100,000 in just under 3 months.
Ana Kimachenko
Ana is an incredibly hard working mother, artist and trader. From her start with an account less than $25,000, she continues to post amazingly profitable weeks, months & years.
Michael Monday
Michael is a husband, father of 3, and active duty military. He has a very tight schedule, but is able to trade successfully and consistently - he became a trading millionaire in 2020!
Cam Meunier
As a 19-year-old, Cam has learned a valuable skill at a young age that will help him throughout his entire life. He grew his portfolio 88% within his first year of trading.
Marzook Albastaki
Marzook was able to scale his account to his goal of $100,000 this past year. He started small, learned the basics and stayed patient while he scaled his account up to 6 figures.
Tom Nguyen
Tom has built his trading account up to a powerhouse income generator. It's not uncommon for Tom to have days with $250,000+ in profit
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