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HighStrike has educated over 6,400 students from 142 countries and represents one of the largest communities of both professional and hobby traders in the world. We have developed a world-class trading education platform and community which focuses on helping you make consistent money in the markets regardless of your location or experience level.





Choose this if you want to learn how to trade for yourself from the ground up while getting professional guidance as you refine your trading style and techniuques.
  • Focused on EDUCATION for new and intermediate traders
  • 100+ video lessons covering basics to advanced trading strategy
  • 14+ hours of instructional videos, new videos added each month
  • ​Lifetime access to our Slack group* with thousands of students
  • 2 Briefing Videos every day showing our team's trading plan
  • BONUS - Trade tracking worksheet
  • BONUS - Proprietary options analysis interactive tool
  • ​BONUS - Our top 72 stocks: Master Watchlist
  • ​BONUS - Common patterns reference chart


Choose this if you want our team to show you when to enter your trades. We recommend having existing trading knowledge/experience, but it is not necessary!
  • 90%+ signal hit rate
  • ​Target returns between +5% and +1,000%
  • ​Signals for both shares and options plays
  • ​Access to our Discord group* where signals are given
  • ​How to use signals crash course
*Slack and Discord groups are SEPARATE! Slack is built for educational discussion and video sharing, while Discord is built for sending out signals and alerts.



Clayton is the manager of our Signals discord chat. He joined HighStrike as a student in 2019 and has since become a full-time trader and instructor for HighStrike. His signals have been over 90% successful and he continues to be a valuable asset to our team in both educating students and providing solid signal plays for them to follow.


Ben Z. is the founder of HighStrike and main instructor through the 14 hours of course material. Ben started trading in 2014 with the goal of eventually being financially independent. Today, he manages a team of 10 highly motivated trading instructors and team members committed to providing an amazing educational experience through all HighStrike has to offer.


Alex is the manager of our HighStrike Slack Group. Alex joined HighStrike as a student in 2019, and has since shown amazing trading success and dedication to both learning new trading techniques and mentoring beginners. Alex makes 2 in-depth analysis videos every day for the HighStrike Trading School lifetime members.


Ben C. is our in-house expert on trading with a full-time job. Ben works as a full-time engineer, with part time gigs in fitness and trading. You can find Ben answering all your questions in the Slack group or hitting the gym! Ben shows that its possible to make consistent money in the markets even if you have a busy schedule.


Trading any financial asset is inherently risky and should be treated as such. Always do your own research and analysis before purchasing or selling any financial asset. Income is in no way guaranteed and you may lose money by trading stocks and options. The purpose of our platform is to educate students on various types of trading strategies, not to trade for students, provide signals, or in any way tell people specifically what assets to buy or sell.

The views and opinions expressed in the HighStrike Trading School group chat by students, instructors, or others are only for discussion purposes and shall not be misconstrued as financial advice. No decision to trade any financial asset should be made without doing individual research, and any decision to trade a financial asset is completely the responsibility of the student.

Buying, holding and trading cryptocurrency is inherently risky and should be treated as such. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies which fluctuate in value rapidly and can cause significant financial losses. Any choice to buy or own the HSX cryptocurrency or any cryptocurrencies discussed in HighStrike content is solely the decision of the user. Always do your own research and due diligence before purchasing or trading any cryptocurrency.

HighStrike's refund policy: It is the policy of the company to issue full refunds in the case of a technical disruption that caused the customer to not have access to the products they purchased in a timely manner, or in the case of an incorrect billing of a subscription cancelled before the renewal date. Refunds, however, cannot be given for any other reason due to the fact that customers receive full and immediate access to all resources upon purchasing.

Neither HighStrike Inc. nor its instructors are licensed financial advisors.
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